Mar 10, 2013

Loving you...

Yesterday I went for a walk downtown.  I love Jaffo street on Saturdays.  It´s quiet, peaceful and I find beautiful slices of life all the time.  I share this one with you this morning.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

©viviane nathan - Jerusalem 2013

Feb 28, 2013

Time flies

Today is the last day of the month... 
The second page of my calendar tomorrow will be gone

©viviane nathan  2013


©viviane nathan 2013 - Jerusalem

©viviane nathan 2013 - Jerusalem

Feb 12, 2013

Walking to the light...

©viviane nathan 2013 -   Jerusalem

Fifteen  years living a beautiful life with the man I love.  Today I celebrate.  

Feb 7, 2013

Good morning!

Aren't they sweet?

©vivianenathan 2012  -   Jerusalem

©vivianenathan 2012  -  Jerusalem

Feb 6, 2013

First colors of spring...

It's still cold out there but around the hills of Jerusalem we can find beautiful spots full of flowers.

©vivianenathan 2013 -    Jerusalem

©vivianenathan 2013 -  Jerusalem

©vivianenathan 2013 -  Jerusalem

Feb 5, 2013

Sometimes we are out of focus...

©vivianenathan 2013 - Baka, Jerusalem
©vivianenathan 2013 -  Jaffo street in  Jerusalem

Out of focus photography  is something I am discovering now and  I like it very much because I can play with human figures freely.  It is not easy though...In order to achieve this effect I had to play with my manual focus button until I found exactly what I wanted.  Give it a try!  It's fun and addictive!